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Young People


The object of meditation is to transform oneself.  – Sangharakshita

Sub25 Mailing List Sub25 Facebook Group

Classes for young people by young people. A great way to discover meditation and find out more about the teaching of the Buddha in a way that's relevant right here and now, in your everyday life. 

Come along to one of our Sub25 events to meet like-minded people aged 18-25, learn meditation and discuss buddhism. Everybody aged 18-25 welcome, just turn up. All classes are free (by donation). 

We meet on the Third Friday of every month 7.15 - 9.45pm. We also hold day events, retreats and meet ups so make sure to take a look below.

For more info about the Sub25 group you can email the team at sub25@lbc.org.uk.

Mar 23

Sub25 Meditation Intensive: Living with Kindness

Imaginative empathy and kindness are fundamental and powerful human qualities. Spend a morning exploring the path that leads to an open and courageous heart.
Apr 13

Sub25 Breakfast Seminar

Devamitra was ordained over 40 years ago and is a senior member of the Triratna Buddhist Order. Join us for a seminar with him on the short, fascinating and unique Pabbajja Sutta. This early text gives a vivid account of the Buddha-to-be’s encounter with a king at the beginning of his quest for Enlightenment.
Apr 19

Sub25 Class: Conquering Craving

Meditation, Buddhism and discussion led by a group of young Buddhists, with an experienced teacher joining us each month. This Spring we’re exploring a central Buddhist text, the Dhammapada, which ‘contains as much of the Buddha’s teaching as most of us really need to know.’
Nov 15

Sub25 Retreat

A weekend of meditation, periods of silence, discussion groups, ritual and delicious vegan food, all with like-minded people aged 16-25 at our beautiful retreat centre in the Suffolk countryside.