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Solitary Retreats

View from Solitary Hut

All of humanity's problems stem from our inability to sit quietly in a room alone. 
 Blaise Pascal

Intro Weekends Regulars' Weekends Longer Retreats Solitary Retreats

After you have been meditating for some time, you might feel ready to go on solitary retreat. Solitude provides an extraordinary opportunity to explore your mind; these retreats are often highly significant and life-affirming experiences. If you’re unsure of whether a solitary retreat is for you or not, we would advise talking with your teachers or friends.

We have two identical huts at our retreat centre, Vajrasana - Ryokan and Han Shan. Each hut costs £215 (full) or £185 (concession) per week, running Friday to Friday, with basic foods provided. Click here for more information (including food list, facilities and travel instructions).

To book, please check the available dates below to check the week you'd like is free and if it is contact Alex at alex@lbc.org.uk. He will then contact you to take payment. Please note that a booking is not confirmed until the full amount has been received, and that we do not take deposits for solitary retreats. Please read the booking conditions at the bottom of this page before proceeding with your booking.


Start End Han Shan Ryokan
24-Nov 01-Dec Booked Booked
01-Dec 08-Dec


08-Dec 15-Dec Booked  Booked
15-Dec 22-Dec Booked Booked
22-Dec 29-Dec Booked Booked
29-Dec 05-Jan Booked Booked


Start End Han Shan Ryokan
05-Jan 12-Jan Booked Booked 
12-Jan 19-Jan Booked Booked 
19-Jan 26-Jan Booked  Booked 
26-Jan 02-Feb Booked  Booked
02-Feb 09-Feb Booked Booked 
09-Feb 16-Feb Booked  Booked
16-Feb 23-Feb Booked Booked
23-Feb 02-Mar Booked Booked
02-Mar 09-Mar Booked Free
09-Mar 16-Mar Booked  Booked
16-Mar 23-Mar Booked  Booked 
23-Mar 30-Mar Booked Booked
30-Mar 06-Apr Booked  Booked
06-Apr 13-Apr Booked  Booked
13-Apr 20-Apr Booked  Booked
20-Apr 27-Apr Booked Free
27-Apr 04-May Free Free
04-May 11-May Booked Free
11-May 18-May Booked Free
18-May 25-May Free Free
25-May 01-Jun Free Free
01-Jun 08-Jun Free Free
08-Jun 15-Jun Free Free
15-Jun 22-Jun Booked  Booked 
22-Jun 29-Jun Booked  Booked 
29-Jun 06-Jul Free Free 
06-Jul 13-Jul Free Free 
13-Jul 20-Jul Free Free 
20-Jul 27-Jul Free Free
27-Jul 03-Aug Free Free
03-Aug 10-Aug Free Free
10-Aug 17-Aug Free Free
17-Aug 24-Aug Booked Booked
24-Aug 31-Aug Booked Booked
31-Aug 07-Sep Booked Booked
07-Sep 14-Sep Booked Booked 
14-Sep 21-Sep Booked Booked
21-Sep 28 Sep Free Free 
28 Sep 05-Oct Free  Free
05-Oct 12-Oct Fre Free
12-Oct 19-Oct Free Free
19-Oct 26-Oct Free Free
26-Oct 02-Nov Free Free
02-Nov 09-Nov Free Free
09-Nov 16-Nov Free Free
16-Nov 23-Nov Free Booked
23-Nov 30-Nov Free Free
30-Nov 07-Dec Free Free
07-Dec 14-Dec Free  Free 
14-Dec 21-Dec Free  Free 
21-Dec 28-Dec Booked  Booked 
28-Dec 04-Jan Booked  Booked 

Booking Conditions
Solitary retreats must be paid for in full at the time of booking. If a solitary retreat is cancelled more than one month before the start date a full refund will be given less a £10 administration fee. If cancelled more than two weeks before the start date a 50% refund will be given. If cancelled less than two weeks before the start date no refund will be given.