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Longer Retreats

Longer Retreats

If you want to find the meaning, stop chasing after so many things.  – Ryokan

Intro Weekends Regulars' Weekends Longer Retreats Solitary Retreats

Our long retreats provide the best conditions for deepening your practice of meditation and Buddhism. We go on retreat not to escape our lives, but to uncover the meaning and depth that lies below the surface of our ordinary consiousness. Retreats like this can often be a life-changing experience. On longer retreats we live together practising meditation and Buddhism, eating together and helping each other out with simple chores along with plenty of time for walks and rest.

May 28

Parent & Children's Retreat

A retreat for parents, carers and children.
Jun 15

Men's Intensive Meditation Retreat: Entering Emptiness

The retreat will include seven days of silence and regular one-to-one meditation reviews.
Jul 27

Women's Intensive Meditation Retreat: Discovering the Radiant Heart

Through meditation, silence, reflection, ritual and dwelling in nature, we will explore the terrain of the heart, learn how to keep it open and discover more of its potential to radiate love.
Aug 17

Summer Retreat: Living with Awareness

Mindfulness is about more than trying to be calm. It’s about transforming consciousness. To do this we need to bring awareness and positive emotion to all aspects of our experience, to other people, nature and reality itself.
Sep 16

Working Retreat

This is a low-cost mid-week retreat with the emphasis on living and working together at Vajrasana in the beautiful Suffolk Countryside.
Oct 12

Yoga Retreat

Come and join us for 6 days in the countryside, working to integrate our bodies and minds to create a positive and unified whole.
Dec 22

Winter Mandala Retreat 2018

For those with a regular practice of both the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana.
Dec 22

The Winter Retreat 2018

Explore meditation, practice mindfulness and uncover the imagination. For newcomers, or those in their first two years of practice.