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Longer Retreats

Longer Retreats

If you want to find the meaning, stop chasing after so many things.  – Ryokan

Intro Weekends Regulars' Weekends Longer Retreats Solitary Retreats

Our long retreats provide the best conditions for deepening your practice of meditation and Buddhism. We go on retreat not to escape our lives, but to uncover the meaning and depth that lies below the surface of our ordinary consiousness. Retreats like this can often be a life-changing experience. On longer retreats we live together practising meditation and Buddhism, eating together and helping each other out with simple chores along with plenty of time for walks and rest.

Apr 19

Spring Retreat 2019: A Path to Freedom

On this newcomers’ retreat, we’ll be living as a community and exploring the Buddhist path together. The retreat is aimed at those new to meditation and Buddhism and requires no previous experience of either, all that’s needed is an open mind and a willingness to engage.
May 27

Parents' & Children's Retreat

A retreat for parents, carers and children aged three and a half and upwards.
Jun 07

Men's Intensive Meditation Retreat 2019: Entering Emptiness

The first goal of Buddhist meditation is to cultivate a ‘fit mind’: taking ownership of our life and developing a courageous and creative outlook. On this retreat we will learn how to cultivate such a mind through Samadhi (energized calm) and how to use it to turn our attention to how things really are through Prajna (wisdom). With seven days of silence and one-to-one meditation reviews.
Jun 28

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

We'll be using the practices of yoga and meditation to examine the System of Dharma Life – Integration, Positive emotion, Transformation and Spiritual receptivity, which unfold to provide a comprehensive guide to living more energised, inspired, vivid and meaningful lives. There will be time on the retreat to explore and reflect on the teachings as well as time to be with one’s self, each other and the world around us.
Jul 26

Women's Intensive Meditation Retreat 2019: Quietly Revering the Unfathomable

Through meditation, silence, reflection, ritual and poetry we will try to approach realms ‘beyond the reach of thought’. There will be plenty of opportunity to deepen into meditation, supported by one-to-one reviews and long periods of silence.
Aug 09

Summer Retreat 2019: The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment

The greatest of all transformations is the growth and development of human consciousness. Personally we can change our mind and our day-to-day lives; universally we can enter into a cosmic drama that will illuminate our imaginations and resonate at the deepest core of our being. Come on retreat and discover the personal and universal significance of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.
Sep 15

Working Retreat

This is a low-cost mid-week retreat with the emphasis on living and working together at Vajrasana in the beautiful Suffolk Countryside.
Sep 21

The Urban Retreat 2019

Turn a week of your everyday life into a retreat. We’ll support you with weekend events, a silent day-long retreat, weekday morning meditations, evening classes, dharma talks, yoga, chi-kung and inspirational text messages!
Oct 11

Sangha Intensive Week

Explore the Dharma on this intensive week-long retreat. For those who are consciously deepening their Dharma practice at the LBC or another Triratna Centre.
Oct 21

Parents' & Children's Retreat

A retreat for parents, carers and children aged three and a half and upwards.