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Special Events


A group is united by its lowest common denominator, a spiritual community by its highest common factor. - Sangharakshita

Special Events Buddhism Days Buddhism Courses  Buddhism Classes

Festivals are an opportunity for everyone to come together as a spiritual community and celebrate. Theses special occasions give us the chance to focus on the most importnat issues in life; love, death, enlightenment, truth & transformation.


Jul 27

Film Night

The Fog of War, (2003). Candid, moving and insightful, Robert McNamara, US Defence Secretary during the Cuban missile crisis and the Vietnam war reflects on lessons learnt from his long life.
Aug 05

Welcome Back Evening

Ordination is a highly significant aspect of the Dharma life which has the potential to radically transform the lives of many. In this special celebratory and devotional evening will welcome back Ksantikara (ex-Alex), Devaghosa (ex-Barry) and Padmapalita (ex-Todd) who will have recently returned from a long ordination retreat in Spain.
Aug 15

Full Moon Puja

In coming together for a short ritual on the full moon of each month, we are joining Buddhists across the world in a tradition that goes back to the Buddha himself.
Aug 24

Film Night

This Must Be the Place, (2012), Sorrentino’s first film in English is characteristically quirky, humorous and beautifully shot, its resolution as extraordinary as Sean Penn’s performance as an ex-rock star.
Aug 26

108-Year Puja for Bhante

Bhante Sangharakshita, who died last year, was the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community whose members are pioneering a ‘living Buddhism’ which can lead to the radical transformation of ourselves and the creation of a new society. Each year, on his birthday, we celebrate his life and work with a special puja. This is the seventeenth year of the 108 years that the puja will be taking place. All are welcome!
Sep 08

Parent drop-in Dharma

A morning for parents, non-parents and prospective parents to practise together.
Sep 14

Film Night

Pather Panchali (1955) Satyajit Ray’s remarkable debut film, is the first part of the Apu trilogy.
Sep 21

The Urban Retreat 2019

Turn a week of your everyday life into a retreat. We’ll support you with weekend events, a silent day-long retreat, weekday morning meditations, evening classes, dharma talks, yoga, chi-kung and inspirational text messages!
Sep 22

Before I Die

The one thing we can be sure of is that we will die.
Oct 05

Film Night

Aparajito (1956). Although part two of the Apu trilogy, Aparajito stands alone; tensions between mother and son, and traditional village and contemporary city life in India, are evoked with Satyajit Ray’s characteristic subtlety.