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Special Events


A group is united by its lowest common denominator, a spiritual community by its highest common factor. - Sangharakshita

Special Events

Special Events
 Buddhism Days Buddhism Courses  Buddhism Classes

Festivals are an opportunity for everyone to come together as a spiritual community and celebrate. Theses special occasions give us the chance to focus on the most importnat issues in life; love, death, enlightenment, truth & transformation.


Aug 26

108-Year Puja for Bhante

Come and join us for an evening of ritual and devotion celebrating the 93rd birthday of Sangharakshita (the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community).
Sep 15

FIlm Night

Mia Madre 106 mins. Nanni Moretti’s deeply felt and insightful film about impending loss is humorous, poignant and ultimately uplifting.
Sep 22

The Urban Retreat

Turn a week of your life into a retreat - experience the value of being on retreat in the midst of daily life. We’ll support you with meditation mornings, a silent day-long retreat, weekday morning meditations, evening classes, dharma talks, yoga and text messages.
Oct 29

Mandala evening: 40/40 Looking Back and Looking Forward

Suryagupta will launch the month-long celebration of 40 years of the LBC with a keynote talk on what Buddhism has to offer to individuals, communities and the world at large.
Oct 29

40 years of Buddhism in Bethnal green

Events to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the London Buddhist Centre:
Nov 11

Open Day

To celebrate our 40th anniversary we’re opening our doors for anyone and everyone to find out about Buddhism, learn to meditate, try a taster session in Breathing Space or just have a look around. Why not take the opportunity to invite your friends and family to visit.
Nov 24

Reunion of Original Builders of the LBC

The London Buddhist Centre started out as a burnt out fire station. It was transformed by a group of young, dedicated men and women in the 1970s. A chance for those who were involved in the early days to come together and rejoice in what they have given to so many.
Nov 25

Sangha Day

Spiritual friendship is what helps us transcend our individual limitations. Spiritual friendship is the whole of spiritual life. A celebration of the Sangha past, present and future in English, Russian, French, Mandarin, Greek and many other languages! The day will conclude with mitra ceremonies.
Dec 31

New Year’s Eve & All Night Sit

Meditation and mindfulness through the night. See the New Year in with others in an atmosphere of contemplation, turning towards what is most meaningful and vital.
May 21