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Special Events


A group is united by its lowest common denominator, a spiritual community by its highest common factor. - Sangharakshita

Special Events Buddhism Days Buddhism Courses  Buddhism Classes

Festivals are an opportunity for everyone to come together as a spiritual community and celebrate. Theses special occasions give us the chance to focus on the most importnat issues in life; love, death, enlightenment, truth & transformation.


Feb 24

Parinirvana Day

This key Buddhist festival marks the final passing of the Buddha two and a half millennia ago. It is an opportunity not just to contemplate on impermanence, but also to rejoice in the example of the Buddha’s life and in the precious opportunity our own lives present us with. This year we will also reflect on the recent death of our own founder and teacher, Urgyen Sangharakshita.
Mar 09

Film Night

Pina (2011). The sudden death of the innovative choreographer Pina Bausch during the making of Wim Wenders’ film of her work turned this beautiful documentary into a deeply poignant cinematic epitaph.
Mar 25

A Cézanne Haibun - Maitreyabandhu Book Launch

Join Maitreyabandhu at the Dharma Night class for the launch of his new poetry pamphlet 'A Cézanne Haibun'.
Mar 30

Film Night

Love and Friendship (2016). Perhaps no film highlights Jane Austen’s wit with such flair as this adaptation of Lady Susan; charming, outrageous, often hilarious and beautifully played by an excellent cast.
Apr 19

Full Moon Puja

In coming together for a ritual on the full moon of each month, we are joining Buddhists across the world in a tradition that goes back to the Buddha himself.
Apr 27

Film Night

Ida (2014). In just 75 minutes Pawlikowski penetrates the hearts of his characters with extraordinary insight and warmth. Its stark beauty is unique, its conclusion sublime.
Sep 21

The Urban Retreat 2019

Turn a week of your everyday life into a retreat. We’ll support you with weekend events, a silent day-long retreat, weekday morning meditations, evening classes, dharma talks, yoga, chi-kung and inspirational text messages!
May 21


May 22