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Buddhism Days

Buddhism Days

Special Events Buddhism Days Buddhism Courses  Buddhism Classes

We also run separate days exploring Buddhist themes in different contexts. For example, we run days which look at exploring the teaching of the Buddha more fully with contemporary themes. Examples include: Exploring Buddhism and Science; Exploring creative and compassionate communication; Buddhism and the 12 Steps, and days which explore spiritual friendship.

If you would like to explore Buddhism more fully, here is a link to our Day events:

Jan 20

Open Day

On these stimulating and lively days, you can get a sense of what goes on at the London Buddhist Centre. Find out about Buddhism, learn to meditate or try a taster session in Breathing Space.
Jan 27

Over 60’s Day

A chance to practise together, discuss the Dharma and connect. Open to all those aged 60 and above with some experience of the London Buddhist Centre.
Feb 03

Meditation Day: The Cave

Come on a journey to ancient India and meet Sumana, a novice monk and disciple of the Buddha, who has taken up residence in The Cave. A day of meditation, ritual and storytelling with imaginative support from The Cave – a short story written by Bhante Sangharakshita.
Feb 17

Before I Die

The one thing we can be sure of is that we will die. This is a day to meditate, discuss, reflect and perform ritual to help prepare ourselves for this eventuality so that we can live more fully today and tomorrow and…
Feb 24

Parinirvana Day

This key Buddhist festival marks the final passing of the Buddha two and a half millennia ago. It is an opportunity to not just to reflect on impermanence, but also to rejoice in the example of the Buddha’s life and in the precious opportunity our own lives present us with. This year we will also reflect on the recent death of our own founder and teacher, Urgyen Sangharakshita.
Mar 03

People of Colour Sangha Day Retreat

A day for people of colour to come together to meditate and be inspired by the Buddha’s teaching.
Mar 31

Buddhism & 12-Step Recovery

A day for people interested in Buddhism and meditation who are also in 12-Step Recovery Groups.
Apr 28

Working with the Hindrances: Doubt, Sloth and Torpor

On this day we will explore these mental hindrances and their antidotes, both in meditation and in discussion of how they manifest in our daily lives.