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May 25

Transforming Self and World: Empathy in Action

Join Shantigarbha who will share from his new book I’ll Meet You There: a practical guide to empathy, mindfulness and communication. With guided reflections, stories from the Buddha and practical exercises to help you develop your listening skills.
May 26

Buddhist Sunday School

Encouraging and developing our children’s mindfulness and kindness through Buddhist teaching, practice, storytelling and crafts. For 3 – 12 year olds. Parents/carers are welcome.
May 27

Parents' & Children's Retreat

A retreat for parents, carers and children aged three and a half and upwards.
May 31

Padmaloka’s Great Gathering for Men

Join Jayaka to gather with men from across Triratna for a weekend at Padmaloka on Milarepa: the no-nonsense hermit for our confusing times.
Jun 01

The Mandala of the Imagination

Find out how the imagination can lead us into deeper levels of being, understanding and insight. A course for Mitras to explore the imagination over three full days with meditation, reflection, talks and simple painting exercises.
Jun 01

Yoga for Meditation Afternoon

Yoga has been used for centuries as a preparation for meditation; in this workshop we’ll explore the relationship between the two. We’ll start with a dynamic yoga practice and end with a restorative session for balance and relaxation.
Jun 02

Buddhism & 12-Step Recovery

A day for people interested in Buddhism and meditation who are also in 12-Step Recovery Groups.
Jun 06

Yoga and Meditation for Beginners

A four-week course suitable for beginners. Learn the principles of yoga and meditation in a small group with clear, comprehensive guidance and a supportive atmosphere.
Jun 07

Men's Intensive Meditation Retreat 2019: Entering Emptiness

The first goal of Buddhist meditation is to cultivate a ‘fit mind’: taking ownership of our life and developing a courageous and creative outlook. On this retreat we will learn how to cultivate such a mind through Samadhi (energized calm) and how to use it to turn our attention to how things really are through Prajna (wisdom). With seven days of silence and one-to-one meditation reviews.
Jun 08

The Art of Meditation

A short course over three consecutive Saturday lunchtimes, exploring the tools which help make our meditation practice enjoyable and effective.