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Jul 19

Sub25 Class: Meeting Grief

Meditation, Buddhism and discussion led by a group of young Buddhists, with an experienced teacher joining us each month. In July, LBC Chair Suryagupta explores the Buddha’s kind but uncompromising response to grief and loss.
Jul 21

Introduction to Meditation Day

Spend a day discovering how to keep your mind and heart in focus. You’ll learn two meditation practices that cultivate openness, clarity and courage.
Jul 21

Yoga & Meditation Day

These immersive practice days are essential for boosting inspiration and maintaining a sense of creativity in yoga and meditation. Suitable for beginners and regulars.
Jul 22

Meditation Toolkit: Body like a Mountain, Heart like the Ocean, Mind like the Sky

How do you keep your meditation practice alive and vigorous so that you remain alert, open and aware? Learn how to work in meditation to keep these qualities alive over five lunchtime drop-in classes. Come to all five classes or just as many as you can.
Jul 26

Women's Intensive Meditation Retreat 2019: Quietly Revering the Unfathomable

Through meditation, silence, reflection, ritual and poetry we will try to approach realms ‘beyond the reach of thought’. There will be plenty of opportunity to deepen into meditation, supported by one-to-one reviews and long periods of silence.
Jul 27

Transforming Self and World: The Compassion of Wisdom

In a world where there is so much suffering and where the problems are so complex and inter-related, how do we make positive contribution without falling prey to despair, resentment and blame? Jnanavaca will explore a dharmic perspective on dukkha and what we can do to live a meaningful life in the face of it.
Jul 27

Film Night

The Fog of War, (2003). Candid, moving and insightful, Robert McNamara, US Defence Secretary during the Cuban missile crisis and the Vietnam war reflects on lessons learnt from his long life.
Jul 28

Buddhist Sunday School

Encouraging and developing our children’s mindfulness and kindness through Buddhist teaching, practice, storytelling and crafts. For 3 – 12 year olds. Parents/carers are welcome.
Aug 03

Morning Meditation Intensive: Seeing Reality

Recently returned from leading a four-month ordination retreat, join Maitreyabandhu for this intensive morning exploring how the cultivation of a ‘fit mind’ and a ‘fit heart’ can help us to see into the truth of reality more and more deeply.
Aug 05

Welcome Back Evening

Ordination is a highly significant aspect of the Dharma life which has the potential to radically transform the lives of many. In this special celebratory and devotional evening will welcome back Ksantikara (ex-Alex), Devaghosa (ex-Barry) and Padmapalita (ex-Todd) who will have recently returned from a long ordination retreat in Spain.