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Feb 24

Meditation and Puja to Prajnaparamita

Special pujas dedicated to different embodiments of the Buddha
Feb 24

Young Women’s Night

Join us to explore meditation and Buddhism in a friendly, relaxed and intimate environment. An opportunity to make friends with other young women at the centre and support each other’s spiritual practice.
Feb 24

Introduction to Buddhism & Meditation Weekend Retreat

An ideal way to encounter meditation and Buddhism for the first time, to experience the power of retreats and the larger perspective that they can bring.
Feb 25

Transforming Self and World

Mornings exploring Buddhism’s relevance to the social issues of the day and how we can apply the Dharma to transform both ourselves and our communities.
Feb 25

poetryEast: James Meek

poetryEast is an ongoing series of cultural events at the LBC, exploring the meaning and value of the imagination. One of our evenings in association with the London Review of Books.
Feb 26

Buddhist Sunday School

Encouraging and developing our children’s mindfulness and kindness through Buddhist practice and storytelling. Includes meditation, chanting and craft activities.
Feb 27

Introduction to Buddhism & Meditation

6 week course offering an overview of Buddhist principles and an introduction to two meditation practices that bring about self-awareness, change and spiritual insight
Mar 04

Saturday Morning Meditation: Exploring reality through meditation

These drop-in, intensive meditation courses are aimed at deepening our understanding of meditation, and of the ways we can move beyond ordinary, divided consciousness.
Mar 04

Buddhist Meditation Foundation Course

An ideal way to learn meditation – four-week introductory courses supported by handouts, home practice and simple, straightforward teaching.
Mar 08

Yoga for Meditation course for regulars

A six-week course on liberating energy, refining our senses and increasing awareness through yoga postures and meditation.