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Nov 17

Third Saturday Women’s Class

A meditation and Buddhism class for women.
Nov 17

Film Night (rescheduled)

Hearing the Silence (Doc about Claudio Abbado), followed by film of Abbado conducting Mahler’s. 5th Symphony. 135 mins. An inspirational documentary about Claudio Abbado — one of the most loved and respected conductor’s of his generation.
Nov 18

Introduction to Meditation Day

Spend a day learning how to keep both your mind and heart in steady focus, with meditations that cultivate openness, clarity and courage.
Nov 18

Parent drop-in Dharma

A class to give parents (and non-parents/prospective parents) the opportunity to practice together.
Nov 18

Creative Writing Group

A monthly meet-up to encourage the cultivation of the imagination. All levels welcome.
Nov 23

Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation Weekend Retreat

An ideal way to encounter meditation and Buddhism for the first time, to experience the power of retreats and the larger perspective that they can bring.
Nov 23

Full Moon Puja

In coming together on the full moon of each month, we are joining Buddhists across the world in a tradition that goes back to the Buddha himself.
Nov 24

Buddhist Meditation Foundation Course in Central London

An ideal way to learn meditation – a four-week introductory course with simple, straightforward teaching and support to help to develop a meditation practice in everyday life.
Nov 24

Reunion of Original Builders of the LBC

The London Buddhist Centre started out as a burnt out fire station. It was transformed by a group of young, dedicated men and women in the 1970s. A chance for those who were involved to come together and rejoice in what they have given to so many.
Nov 24

Transforming Self & World

Mornings exploring Buddhism’s relevance to the social issues of the day and how we can apply the Dharma to transform both ourselves and our communities.