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Jan 21

Mandala Evening: Shining the Infinite Light of Wisdom

The social and political landscape is changing. Societies are, on the one hand, fragmenting whilst, on the other, unifying within a growing culture of consumerism and individualism. How can we create a community that is unified and diverse, exemplifying real values and being a force for good in the world? Join our Chair, Suryagupta, for her keynote talk to launch the year, concluding with a puja to mark the full moon.
Jan 25

Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation Weekend Retreat

An ideal way to encounter meditation and Buddhism for the first time, to experience the power of retreats and the larger perspective that they can bring.
Jan 26

Chi-Kung Workshop

Learn some warm-ups and standing postures of Chi-Kung, then bring the energy generated into meditation. For health, inner strength and tranquility. Suitable for all levels.
Jan 26

Transforming Self and World

Mornings exploring a Buddhist perspective on the social issues of the day. How can we apply the Dharma to transform ourselves and our communities?
Jan 26

Yoga for Meditation Afternoon for Regulars

For people who already know some yoga and meditation and want to deepen their practice.
Jan 27

Over 60’s Day

A chance to practise together, discuss the Dharma and connect. Open to all those aged 60 and above with some experience of the London Buddhist Centre.
Jan 27

Buddhist Sunday School

Encouraging and developing our children’s mindfulness and kindness through Buddhist teaching, practice, storytelling and crafts. For 3 – 12 year olds. Parents/carers are welcome.
Feb 02

What is a Mitra?

A morning for those who are considering becoming a Mitra, or would simply like to find out what it means to become one. Come along with your questions!
Feb 02

Sub25 Meditation Intensive: Living with Awareness

Mindfulness – a defining quality of Buddhism – is a profound practice with far-reaching and surprising results. Spend a morning exploring what it is to be truly aware.
Feb 03

Yoga & Meditation Day

These immersive practice days are essential for boosting inspiration and maintaining a sense of creativity in yoga and meditation. Suitable for beginners and regulars.