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Apr 08

Full Moon Puja

In coming together for a short ritual on the full moon of each month, we are joining Buddhists across the world in a tradition that goes back to the time of the Buddha.
Apr 10

Spring Retreat 2020 - Pathways to Liberation (CANCELLED)

.Due to the current global situation, all of our events at the London Buddhist Centre and Vajrasana before April 20th have been cancelled.
Apr 12

Parent drop-in Dharma

Buddhism encourages us to dive into life - to be part of it – so we experience the nature of Reality for ourselves, as a way to liberate ourselves. As parents we have to dive in, which is an opportunity, yet can feel we are drowning and lose perspective, which is a challenge.
Apr 14

The Matrix of Mindfulness: Mindfulness

The Matrix of Mindfulness: Mindfulness is the all-pervading infra-structure upon which all growth and development, both personal and spiritual can flourish.
Apr 17

Sub25 Class: The Bright Light of Reality

Meditation, Buddhism and discussion led by a group of young Buddhists, with an experienced teacher joining us each month. In April we explore how we can go about approaching the mystery of reality in its fullness.
Apr 18

Film Night

The Winslow Boy (1999). A dashing barrister, a determined suffragette, a boy wrongly accused. Or is he? Rattigan’s famous play, adapted by David Mamet; a witty, elegant period piece, beautifully played.
Apr 19

Meditation Starter Kit

Systematically discover two meditation practices that can cultivate a calm, focused mind and transform your relationship to the world around you. A day for complete beginners to learn meditation from scratch but also a chance for those with some experience to re-establish their practice on sound principles.
Apr 19

Buddhism & 12-Step Day

A day of sharing our experience, strength and hope while exploring 12-Step Recovery within the context of the Buddha’s teachings.
Apr 24

Padmaloka Sub30 Men’s Retreat: Heroic Awakening

Gather with other men aged 18 – 30 for a week spent evoking the energy, courage and sense of adventure that’s essential for a life of meaning and transformation. Expect discussion, meditation, ritual, friendship and a keynote talk from Jnanavaca.
Apr 24

Yoga for Meditation Weekend

Come and join us for a weekend in the countryside, working to integrate our bodies and minds to create a positive and unified whole.