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Dec 22
The Winter Retreat

Start 22/12/2017
Finish 01/01/2018
Led By Danayutta
Cost Full: £310.00 Concession: £205.00
Deposit £100.00
Transport Not available
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Explore meditation, practice mindfulness and uncover the imagination. For newcomers, or those in their first two years of practice.

Our life is becoming a screen-life, dominated by technology and mass media. The battle for the ownership of our attention is on. Do we own our attention or does it belong to the marketplace? If we don’t own our attention, and if we don’t choose to do something worthwhile with it, there are plenty of others trying to grab our attention and manipulate it. So this Christmas and New Year, why not avoid the whole thing? Why not disappear from Facebook and Twitter? Why not turn the phone off, park the iPad, ditch the Oyster Card, spare the turkey? Why not challenge yourself to live a deeper, more truly human life? Why not go on retreat?

Sharing five or ten days with like-minded men and women, in close contact with the natural world – away from the image-glut and information-overload of modern life – will give us the rare chance to uncover the innate depths of our mind. As well as meditation teaching, the programme will include talks on Buddhism, introduction to Buddhist ritual and periods of silence. We recommend that you come for all ten days, but you can also book for five days (22–27 Dec or 27 Dec–1 Jan).

For more information about being on retreat, videos and FAQs - click here

Pricing & Payment

The 10 day option costs £520 (£410 concs). The 5 day option costs £310 (£260 concs).

There is also the option to stay in a dormitory of up to 12 beds for the reduced cost of £205. This will be for women in the first half (22–27 Dec) and men in the second half (27 Dec–1 Jan).

If you pay a deposit, the full cost of this retreat is due by Tuesday 28 Nov 2017.

Travel instructions

This retreat takes place at Adhisthana, Coddington Court, Coddington, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1JL. We are not providing transport to this retreat, so you will need to make your own travel arrangements.

The nearest station to the retreat centre is Colwall. On both the 22nd Dec and 27th Dec we will run a regular minibus service between 3pm and 5pm from Colwall station to the retreat centre.

For those on the first five days the retreats ends at 2pm on 27th Dec and for everyone else it ends at 12pm on 1st Jan.

Travel postcode