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Jan 21
Open Day

Start 21/01/2018
Finish 21/01/2018
Led By Jnanadaya

Get a taste of what goes on at the London Buddhist Centre.

Find out about Buddhism, learn to meditate and try a taster session in Breathing Space, our project offering mindfulness for well-being.

Sun 21 Jan, 11am – 5pm. Refreshments provided & all events free. No need to book.

Meditation, Buddhism and Human Enlightenment

The Buddha was not a god, nor a prophet, but an enlightened human being; someone who had fully ‘awoken’, transcended the human condition and attained liberation. How is this relevant today and what does it mean for us and the world? More importantly though, how do we achieve it? Come and find out….

A series of talks exploring these themes. You are welcome to come to any one of them, or all four if you wish.

12pm: Why Meditate? With Prajnamala

We are usually caught up in small states of mind, but consciousness is actually infinite and expansive. Meditation is the key to expanding consciousness and developing the human mind, but how does this actually help us and the world?

1pm: Who was the Buddha? With Kusalasara

The Buddha was an enlightened human being; someone who had completely realised their full potential. Can we discover more about the Buddha and do the same?

2pm: The Mystery of Human Enlightenment. With Maitreyabandhu

We’ve all heard of enlightenment, but what does it mean and how can we attain it? Is it even realistically possible in the midst of busy London life? Come and hear more about the great mystery and how it can transform our lives.

3pm: What is Buddhism? With Vidyadaka

It is not simply a religion, nor just a philosophy or a way of life. The Buddha’s teachings are there for us to try them and see if they work. But what are they and how are they relevant today?


No matter where you are who you’re with, it’s our mind that determines our experience. The state of your mind is the state of your life. By creatively working with your mind, you can change your life. The Mindfulness of Breathing will be taught within a one-hour session at: 11.15am, 12.15am, 1.15pm, 2.15pm

11am/ Yoga for Meditation

This 45 minute class will develop flexibility, strength and awareness of physical sensations. Loosening up the body and deepening into awareness can be a way into sitting meditation. Yoga and meditation are complimentary practices – through yoga we can develop a language to speak to our bodies; with meditation we learn to attend to our bodies and to each other with kindness.

3.15pm/Chi-Kung. With Jnanadaya

Chi-Kung, is a Chinese practice whose name means ‘the way of energy’. It uses gentle warm-ups and standing postures to encourage awareness of what we call subtle energy – a precious ingredient in our meditation practice. Drop-in and try it for yourself.

4pm Buddhist Ritual

With poetic verses and chanting, Buddhist ritual helps open us up to mystery and value. Why not come along, have a go and see what it’s like?

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