Download the Autumn 2014 programme (PDF)

Download the 2014 Retreats programme (PDF)

Going on Retreat

A retreat is a chance to live in a way far removed from television, tube stations, stress and city-strife. It is an opportunity to relax, refresh, inspire and perhaps challenge yourself. For some it is a get-away from the business of modern life, for others it is a life-changing experience they never forget. A retreat is also a good way to meet new friends. You can deepen your meditation, cultivate mindfulness, and learn about Buddhism.

The LBC offers a wide variety of retreats run throughout the year at Vajrasana, the London Buddhist Centre’s retreat centre in Suffolk.

* * * Vajrasana will be closing from May 2014 until September 2015 for a major re-building project which will result in a large purpose built and beautifully designed retreat centre.During this time retreates will be held at Kench Hill, Adhisthana and Rivendell retreat centres. * * *

Download a PDF version of our 2014 retreat calendar

Newcomers - open to all, but specifically aimed at beginners
Going Deeper - for regulars, Mitras and those who have asked for ordination
Mandala - open to all.

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Intro Retreats

Meditation Weekend

Learn two fundamental, far-reaching and transformative meditation practices, while living communally with diverse but like-minded people and exploring a Buddhist vision of reality. Booking essential
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Camping places now available

19–21 Sep

Minibus 12 places
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FULL for both WOMEN and MEN - please email with daytime phone no. for waiting list

Camping (Please note you need to bring your own tent and bedding)
Event full - please
or call 0208 709 9987 for waiting list
24–26 Oct

Minibus 11 places
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14–16 Nov

Minibus 8 places
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Pleasure is a big part of life, and something many of us strive for. On this retreat we will be looking at how mundane pleasures can be transformed into deeper, more enriching joys. The program will include meditations helping you to cultivate mindfulness and positivity. Along with talks, discussion, free space and a chance to connect with like minded people of a similar age.

Young People under 35
29–31 Aug
book here (Rivendell website)

Sub35 Retreat

Fearless Love: Explore how our busy lives stand in the way of our true potential for tranquility, mindfulness, wisdom and love. Based on the Buddha’s teachings, we will be cultivating the courage to meditate on the depths of our experience, whilst connecting with like-minded people. Everyone under 35 welcome, for more information contact

Young People under 35
12–14 Sep
Minibus 1 places
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FULL for both women and men - please email with daytime phone no. for waiting list.

Camping £130/£100 (Please note - you need to bring your own tent and bedding)

FULL - please email with daytime phone no. for waiting list

Breathing Space Retreat

An introduction to Mindfulness-Based Approaches for staying free from depression or addiction, as well as a great refresher for those who have done an MBCT, MBSR or MBAR course.

Newcomers and those who have done an MBCT, MBSR or MBAR course
10–12 Oct
Free transportation from LBC to Kench Hill included in the price

Regulars' Weekend: Eros and Beauty

How can we work with the force of desire and enter the gateway called ‘The Beautiful’? A weekend retreat for anyone who knows the two practices, exploring spiritual death and rebirth through seminars, meditation and ritual. Led by Maitreyabandhu

Going Deeper
21–23 Nov
Minibus 22 places
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Summer Retreat - Meeting the Buddhas
Moving towards greater mindfulness, love and energy. It will be an opportunity to practice mindfulness, strengthen positive emotion and to have a deeper experience of meditation. We will be drawing inspiration from the life of the historical Buddha and some of the archetypal Buddha figures who represent different qualities of the Enlightened Mind. This retreat is a journey of exploration. The programme of activities will include meditation, talks on Buddhism, discussion, rituals and silence with time to get know others and to clarify what is important to you. This retreat is specifically for newcomers to Buddhist Meditation and for those in their first two years of establishing a meditation practice.

Led by Maitrivajri and Maitreyaraja

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16–25 Aug
Residential £420/£310
FULL for both men and women: please email with daytime phone no. for waiting list
Camping £420/310 FULL: please email with daytime phone no. for waiting list

On the Urban Retreat you carry on living your normal day-to-day life whilst finding ways to intensify your practice of meditation and Buddhism. We will support you with three day-long retreats, morning meditations, special classes, yoga and body work, daily text messages and emails, and a Buddhist Festival.

More details

All levels of experience
6–14 Sep
Free but booking essential

Open Winter Retreat 2014
‘Vision and Transformation’
The LBC's Winter Retreat is one of our most popular and inspiring events of the year. Led by Vidyadaka and Shraddhasiddhi. Click here for more details

22 Dec–Jan 1
No minibus

Ten days
22 Dec–1 Jan

First five days
22–27 Dec

Second five days
27 Dec–1 Jan

New Year Mandala Retreat
The Direct Path
The four foundations of mindfulness (the satipatthanas) are a central aspect of the Buddha’s rediscovery of an ancient path of practice leading to Enlightenment. Any single meditation practice from the sattipathanas is capable of leading to insight – the Buddha taught this as the direct path to Awakening. Join us on this retreat for regular meditators as we draw inspiration from the life of the historical Buddha and put his teachings more and more fully into practice. Led by Manjusiha

Going Deeper
27 Dec–Jan 2
No minibus
£350/£300 (6 nights)
Solitary Retreats

Solitary Retreat Huts
Please note that the two solitary retreat huts at Vajrasana, our retreat centre in the Suffolk countryside, are not available at the moment while the site is being substantially rebuilt. We will update this message when they can be booked again (estimated around end 2015).

Retreats at other centres