It is nearly ten years since the London Buddhist Centre (LBC) bought Vajrasana, our retreat centre in Suffolk. In that decade, it has become a retreat centre for our Buddhist movement in London, East Anglia and beyond, and a valuable resource for other Buddhist groups.

Thousands of people have now been on retreat at Vajrasana
, benefiting from our beautiful retreat centre and gardens and having the opportunity to experience themselves at their best.

We now want to take the next step with Vajrasana. We will do this by providing more support for the running of retreats. We also need to improve the existing facilities and move towards developing new facilities, such as accommodation for a resident community, a new kitchen and dining room and a new shrine room and stupa courtyard.

However, the LBC is stretched to its financial limits. We currently have no money to spend on Vajrasana beyond the most basic running costs.

At the same time, the facilities at Vajrasana are almost at capacity - equipment is breaking down, some facilities are sub-standard and there is only one staff member on-site.

Unless we act soon, it may affect our ability to run retreats there.

Vajrasana needs your help to continue to flourish!

Please make an online donation or download a standing order form.

Any financial support that you provide could enable even more people to go on retreat and experience the fruits of living a more fully human life.